About Among Us 2


Among Us 2 is an attractive game and a worldwide craze game. In the game, players will have to find out the impostor in the spaceship. Have fun!

How to play

In a spaceship, there are 5 members. However, one of the five members is an imposter. Although all of the spaceship members know that, they do not know exactly who he is. Therefore, they have to live in a doubtful situation. When you enter the game, there are two situations you have to play: you are an imposter or a spaceship member.

As an imposter

When you are an imposter, your duty is to try to kill the other members of the spaceship. Gently move behind the other real members and use a small knife to kill him. If you are found out, you will die.

As a member of the spaceship

When you are a member of the spaceship, you have to find the imposter. Let's try to guess exactly who he is. In the situation of a wrong answer, you get a penalty. Therefore, please analyze carefully before making a choice.

How to play

Use the arrow key to move