About Stickman Hook


Stickman Hook is an interesting arcade game. In this game, you play as spiderman and perform amazing hooks in order to jump to reach the finish line.

Have you ever fantasized about turning into the actual Spiderman, who shoots spider webs and leaps over structures or buildings like Tom Holland in the Spiderman movie series? You might not be able to be Spider-Man in real life, but Stickman Hook will help you change and become that superhero. It can be said that this game is a hard game because it requires players to combine their talents in time estimation, and angle measurement, and you can even utilize a little bit of arithmetic knowledge here. Your goal is to shoot spider webs and swing your character through buildings to get to the destination. To keep the action fresh while swinging and interesting game as well, you should unlock new characters as you go. Take care when deciding the angle and direction of your swing if you want to cross the finish line. There is the assistance of spring mattresses which can help you have further jumps. Are you ready to hook and jump? Have a good time!

Features of Stickman Hook:

  • Single-player
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to control
  • Interesting sound effects make players more energy
  • Simple but attractive graphics

How to play

Tap or click the left mouse button to hook and jump.