About Nerdle


Participate in Nerdle to have fun with an addicting numerical-based puzzle game. Let's play the game as math geeks and locate a secret 8-character computation.

The reason why the game Nerdle was published is pretty fascinating since it was released by a British data scientist called Richard Mann rather than a gaming company. He created this game because his 14-year-old daughter wanted a math counterpart to Wordle. Surprisingly, it has captured the interest of thousands of players from all around the world since its release. Since then, this game has consistently been in the top ten most popular games in the world.

The goal of this game is to figure out a secret calculation made up of eight characters. The calculation is created from values of 0123456789+-*/=. Let's make it with the basic math formulas we know. Try to figure out the correct equation in six guesses. You will lose if you are unable to identify the target math equation when the grid is full. Are you prepared to solve these calculations? After decoding, you may play some of our other fun games, such as Dino Game, LOLBeans, and Papa's Pizzeria.

How to control

To play, use your mouse to click the numbers and characters.