About Semi Truck Snow Simulator


Come to Semi Truck Snow Simulator to experience being a professional driver when you try to drive a semi-truck on dangerous roads. Are you ready?

Instruction to play

When entering the game, you will not have to wait anymore and start your driving journey immediately. Click the Drive button and choose the level to play. Your mission is to use your arrow keys or WASD to navigate the direction of the semi-truck. You will drive this truck on some death-defying slopes, extreme trails, and mountains. It's so difficult to get this objective because your semi-truck can fall down at any time. Let's see how far you can travel!

Semi Truck Snow Simulator has up to 15 challenging levels. With the 2D animation, beautifully designed theme and effects, and deadly slopes and curves, you will have entertaining times. In addition, after completing this challenging game, you can try some games such as Slash Royal, Hole.io, and Drift Hunters.