About Bubble Shooter


Bubble Shooter is a fun puzzle arcade game in which you must shoot bubbles to get the highest score by matching at least three of the same bubbles.

In this game, you must create a collection of the same bubbles in order to eliminate them. You must collect three or more bubbles of the same color by shooting the given balls. When you perform this collection, the same bubbles will be removed automatically. Clear as many bubbles as you can. Because the game is infinite, you must try to get the most points and place your name on the leaderboard with admirable records. On the right screen, you can see the top ten players in the Top 10 section. The more bubbles you exterminate, the higher your score. Besides this game, there are some similar games we would like to recommend you play. They are Splatoon 3, Funny Shooter, Snake Game, and Ragdoll Fall.

How to play

Let's slide the computer mouse to aim and then click the left button to shoot.