About Fall Boys


Fall Boys is a challenging game in which a Tournament race fall guys is happening for friends around the globe. Are you ready to participate in this race?

In this game, you will control your game character to participate in the Tournament race fall guys. You will have to compete with unruly opponents worldwide and overcome strange obstacles to run to the finish line. Be prepared to stumble and repeat your hilarious run! Enhance your skills in this popular ultimate game!

Click Find Match to meet up to 30 people and start a game! Everyone will receive a special prize when the first fall guys switch! The Fall Guys has a wide variety of game types, maps, and unique and entertaining features. Besides, you can also discuss with other players in the box chat section. 

Features of the game:

  • Different game characters! Choose the skin of your favorite character, then sprint and stumble your way through various level layouts!
  • Multiple levels exist! Play this unique knockout game to explore several worlds and have fun!
  • With numerous obstacles on your way to the finish line, you'll come across amazing challenges including carousels, elevator doors, hammers, swinging balls, and more!
  • Interesting sound effects and vibrant 3D graphics.
  • Camera operation is simple. You have many options for how to observe your boys.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys - control player
  • Space bar - jump
  • Move your mouse to move the camera view