About LOL Beans


LOL Beans is a multiplayer racing io game. Whoever does not reach the finish line in time will be eliminated in each round. Your task is to win the final match.

Game LOL Beans

We believe that there are some great tips to play the game LOL Beans comfortably while players can still have fun and learn a lot of useful things. The game is designed for all ages to participate, but ages 3 to 5 are the most suitable. Collecting beans lol is the main mission. Besides, young people can also learn more interesting things about colors, numbers or even shapes in the process of playing. And of course you can join this game with your friends.

Challenges in LOL Beans

In this thrilling racing game, your challenge is to overcome the obstacles and not be the last to reach the finish line. Those are your two basic tasks when participating in this game. At that time, you will be transformed into a small bean to participate in the races. And we are sure that these races are full of challenges and difficulties waiting for you. The tracks are always filled with different types of obstacles. To overcome them, you need to jump over the gap decisively or wait for the big hammer or giant windmill to move in the other direction to dodge. Of course they won't hurt your Bean, but it will take you quite a while to get out of that trouble. At the same time, we also need to avoid the giant balls on the way. More than that, we also have to quickly cross the small bridges carefully. Try to stay away from the obstacles as much as possible if you don't want to be outdone by other opponents. Rest assured because we have a lot of different challenges waiting for you to test your skills.

In addition to running to the finish line safely, you also need to pay attention to the time. You have limited time to complete a level. Each level will give you different experiences and challenges, from hammer swings and dangerous hills to an avalanche of bouncing balls with angry faces. Avoid obstacles, avoid traps and stay away from all the gaps. You must always remember that you need to finish the race before time runs out.

To become the champion, you must defeat all opponents by being the last player to survive the levels. After completing each level, you will progress to the next level with the elimination of the player who finishes last or does not complete the track. Therefore, try to finish the track and avoid being the last survivor in these difficult races. If you fall off the platform, you will have the next chance to return to the starting line and start your game again. However, this will cause you to miss more time instead of spending it on continuing the race. So be careful and don't waste that precious time.

This game is a competitive multiplayer racing game. You will randomly combine with other players to participate in difficult races. Are you ready to join the exciting LOL Beans game to compete and win? Let's start this game and enjoy it!

Achievements in the game

Another great feature we want to talk about is the variety of Beans skins. There are nearly 60 different outfits with the ability to change many different colors. Initially, you will have Basic skin. After each turn, depending on your position, you will receive the corresponding bonus amount. And when you have enough coins, you can unlock signature skins like Ice Cream, Mafia, Ninja, Astronaut, Gift and Rabbit. In addition, you can change your skin color with available or unlocked colors.

Besides, the game gives you nearly 50 different accessories. Do you prefer rabbit ears or cowboy hats? Police hat or witch hat will appeal to you more? Do you think cactus hat or pumpkin hat would be cuter? Countless beautiful and unique accessories are waiting for you to discover. Join the race and earn as many gold coins as you can to unlock these amazing skins. Having your character stand out from the crowd also makes it easier to identify and control him. Besides the name LOL Beans that we introduce at this website. LOL Beans game is also known by many equally famous names such as Lolbeans.io or Lolbeans.


Lolbeans is also one of the other very famous names of the LOL Beans game. Lolbeans still has an extremely fun and engaging battle royale gameplay for all ages. The game also allows us to participate online and completely free on platforms such as browsers or mobile devices. And the great thing is still we don't need to download or install anything.

Similar to the game Lolbeans, Lolbeans is divided into four different game modes: single player, multiplayer, cooperative and mini game. You can go through story mode or overcome multiple challenges in single player mode. The multiplayer mode lets you play online with other players, while the co-op mode lets you go through the story mode with a friend. Mini-games are quick and easy games where you can win rewards.


Lolbeans.io is the io version of the hugely popular LOL Beans game. In this io version, Lolbeans.io still proves to be a fun and addictive game, ideal for all players to escape reality and immerse themselves in the world of colorful beans sharp. In this io game you still get to play as a bean that has to jump and bounce your way through consecutive levels. What's more, io mode allows you to race with more players. Great and friendly players come from all over the world.

Now the game is global and truly diverse.

Besides, the controls are still very simple and quick to grasp. At the same time fast-paced and exciting action remains the attraction of this game. And most of all, there are no real winners or losers in Lolbeans.io. Everyone can just enjoy and relax. Why not give Lolbeans.io some attention? You can be addicted to it right from the start of the game!

Developer: This game is made by Exodragon Games and released in October 2020

The Lolbeans Game's Levels

  • The levels in the lol beans game range from simple to difficult
  • The first level is the simplest, requiring players to match two of the identical beans
  • The following level is a little more difficult, as players must match three of the identical beans
  • The third level is significantly more difficult, as players must match four of the identical beans
  • The fourth and final level is the most difficult, requiring players to match five of the identical beans

Tips for playing Lolbeans

  • Running and jumping at the same time will help you jump further
  • Take advantage of barriers to avoid moving obstacles
  • Wait for deadly obstacles to change direction before moving
  • Stay calm in all situations
  • Avoid falling and dying due to obstacles to save time

Features of Lolbeans

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Eye-catching graphics and amazing effects
  • Many levels with many different maps

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space or right click to jump
  • Look around with the mouse