LOL Beans


LOL Beans is a multiplayer racing io game. Whoever does not reach the finish line in time will be eliminated in each round. Your task is to win the final match.

Overcome the obstacles and don't be the last to reach the finish line. Those are your two main tasks in this game. You will transform into a little bean to participate in challenging and difficult races. The tracks are always available with different obstacles. Jump over voids. Wait for the deadly hammer to move. Avoid the giant balls. Go through the small bridges. There are many different challenges waiting for you to test your skills.

Besides running to the destination safely, you also need to pay attention to the time. You have limited time to complete a level. Each level will give you different experiences and challenges from swinging hammers and treacherous hills to an avalanche of angry-faced bouncing balls. Avoid obstacles, avoid traps, and stay out of the void. You must finish the race before the timer runs out.

In order to become a champion, you have to defeat all opponents by becoming the last player to survive after the levels. After completing each level, you will progress to the next level with the elimination of a player who finishes last or fails to complete the track. Therefore, try to end tracks and avoid being the last survival player in tricky races. If you fall off the platforms, you will have the next chance to return to the starting line and start over. However, this will cost you a lot of time. So be careful and don't fall.

This game is a competitive multiplayer racing game. You will match randomly with other players to join in tricky races. Are you ready to participate in the attractive LOL Beans game to compete and gain victory? Let’s start this game and enjoy it!

Another great feature is the variety of Beans' skins. There are nearly 60 different costumes with the ability to change many different colours. In the beginning, you will own the Basic skin. After having enough coins, you can unlock featured skins such as Ice Cream, Mafia, Ninja, Astronaut, Gift and Rabbit. In addition, you can change the colour of your skin with available or unlocked colours. Besides that, you have almost 50 different accessories. Do you like bunny ears or cowboy hats? Will a police hat or a witch hat appeal to you more? Do you think the cactus hat or the pumpkin hat would be cuter? Countless beautiful accessories are waiting for you to unlock. Play and earn as many gold coins as you can to unlock these amazing skins.

The LOL Beans game has simple mechanics and easy controls. You can easily to guide your character by using arrow keys to move and pressing the spacebar to jump. Moreover, you have an opportunity to enjoy interesting and unique races with exciting gameplay, colourful graphics and great effects. Each feature of this arcade game also brings you superb experiences. 

Developer: LOLBeans.io is made by Exodragon Games and released in October 2020

Tips to play LOL Beans

  • Running and jumping at the same time will help you jump further
  • Take advantage of barriers to avoid moving obstacles
  • Wait for the deadly obstacles to change direction before moving
  • Stay calm in all situations
  • Avoid falling and dying due to obstacles to save time

Features of LOL Beans

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Eye-catching graphics and great effects
  • Various levels with many different maps

How to play

  • WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • Space or Right-click to jump
  • Look around by the mouse