LOL Beans


LOL Beans is a multiplayer racing io game. Whoever does not reach the finish line in time will be eliminated in each round. Your task is to win the final match.

Welcome to the world of cute beans, where you can experience exciting adventures of beans. Your task is to become the new champion by passing through the levels and winning the final match. This game is an attractive multiplayer racing game. You have to avoid obstacles and race to the obstacle course's end. Note that, in the limited time, you have to overcome all obstacles and complete the level if you do not want to lose. After each level, all players finishing the race in time will proceed to the next levels. Try to pass through the levels and become the last bean left and become the victor.

Each level brings fresh challenges from swinging hammers and treacherous hills to an avalanche of angry-faced bouncing balls. Avoid obstacles, avoid traps, and stay out of the void. You must finish the race before the timer runs out. Good luck and play the game now!

Developer: LOLBeans.io is made by Exodragon Games and released in October 2020

Features of LOL Beans

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Eye-catching graphics and great effects
  • Various levels with many different maps

How to play

  • WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • Space or Right-click to jump
  • Look around by the mouse