About Elastic Man


Elastic Man is an interesting idle game for you to relax. Get ready to create thousands of face shapes for elastic man in the game. Have a great time!

Features of Elastic Man

This game is so simple with an elastic face at the center of the screen. The elastic face in the game is designed with great elastic ability. It can be pulled and molded into different shapes. After that, it will return to its original shape. Faces with many shapes will give you moments of relaxation without having to worry that someone will get hurt. Just holding your left computer mouse to pull the face according to the direction you want is all you need to do. When you move your computer mouse, two eyes of the elastic man will follow you. This game is so fun and extremely great for those who do not like the game without missions. Let's try to play. In addition, there are some same games you can play such as Cookie Clicker City and Monopoly.