About Egg Wars


Egg Wars is a thrilling third-dimensional action shooting game. Your objective is to eliminate all your opponents and get the title of the best shooter.

People have a tendency to picture cool gunslingers whenever the subject of gun wars is brought up. However, Egg Wars will present you with an entirely fresh set of shooting challenges in the form of eggs. In this world of the game, eggs of varying hues are constantly at war with one another in an effort to eliminate each other. As a resident of the egg world, you also participate in this conflict. The objective of this mission is to locate eggs of a different color from yours and give some bullets in their head. The winning egg squad will be the one that has the most enemy eliminations. In addition, you also need to keep in mind that everyone else participating in the game is a real online participant from a different location. Therefore, you need to devise cunning strategies if you want to become the top marksman.