About Shell Shockers


Shell Shockers is a game that belongs to a highly thrilling well-liked IO and shooting game. You and other players as online shooter eggs will battle together.

Welcome to Shell Shockers! As you know, eggs are a type of inanimate food. However, this idea will no longer exist in the unique online universe of shooter eggs. In this world, online shooter eggs are actual players who sign up for this game in the form of an egg from all over the world. As I mentioned, your duty when you enter the game is to shoot and compete with other online shooter eggs in order to find the best one. 

The game offers three game modes and more than 40 different maps. In addition, you can completely customize your egg by adding special colors, caps, stamps, and payloads. You also completely keep track of how frequently you win and perish. Don't forget to utilize the power-ups by clicking on the chicken nugget at the bottom of the screen while you battle against the other eggs. 

Game modes

The game has three modes including the group mode, free for all mode, and Captula the Spatula mode:

  • In the group mode, there are red and blue teams and you have to work together with others to eliminate other team members. 
  • In free for all mode, you battle individually with other players. The player who takes the victory in the game is the one having the most kills.
  • In the Captula the Spatula mode, each team owns a golden spoon. The team that gets the golden spoon from the opposing team wins.

How to control:

  • Move around using WASD. Look around with the cursor to spot enemies.
  • Press spacebar = Jump
  • Cursor = Scan the area for enemies
  • Press LShift = Aim 
  • Left click = Shoot
  • Press Q. Grenades = Throw
  • Press R = Reload your weapon
  • Press E = Switch weapons