About Bad Ice Cream


Play Bad Ice Cream to enjoy a thrilling arcade game. In the game, your duty is to control a bad ice cream to run away from monsters and eat fruits.

As I said earlier, your mission is to guide the ice cream to the fruits so that you can eat them while avoiding the monster's pursuit. To get to the fruits, you use the arrow keys to direct the bad ice cream and use the space bar to clear ice blocks. After the ice cream has consumed all of the fruits on this level, it will be transferred to level 2 to continue the mission at a higher difficulty.

For those who are new to this game, players can feel quite bored at first because it is too easy. However, you should not leave the game early and miss the fun part behind. After the first 4 levels of familiarity, the game becomes more and more challenging. Running away from the monster's pursuit will be a big problem for your victory. Are you ready to play the Bad Ice Cream game?