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Kill The King is an attractive action game. In this game, your mission is to assassinate the king secretly so that you will not be caught and imprisoned.

You will transform into a courtier of the king, and you must follow him. You must choose the right time to assassinate the king without anyone knowing. Hold your knife until the notification bar above indicates it's time to stab the king. However, the king was also very wary. When the king turns around, you must put down the knife. If you do not put down the knife in time, you will be caught, put into prison, and become a dry skeleton. And the better case is that you can kill the king. You will become the next king. But your mission this time is no longer to assassinate the king. You will have to be on guard because behind you is an assassin. Turn over and over to make sure he can not do anything to you. Do not give him a chance to kill you.

The game makes you feel nervous and afraid because your actions can be discovered anytime. You have to act quickly so that no one will notice you. The rotating missions will make the game not boring. The feeling of stimulation will make you unable to stop playing the game. Good luck with all your tasks.

Features of Kill The King:

  • Play in full-screen mode.
  • Tasks change alternately.
  • Colorful graphics, animated sound.
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

Use the Space bar to play.