About Squid Assassin


Squid Assassin is an active game where you have to use your control and calculation skill to pass the level. You need to draw a line to kill the enemies. 

Are you confident with your control and calculation skill, Squid Assassin will help you prove them. You are the leader of the group of people that are locked up in a mysterious area. Your task is to make a plan to save the others. To help others escape, you need to kill all the guards who wear the strange masks. They are very crowded and hazardous, killing one-by-one guys is a smart choice. When one worker character dies, the other enemies will discover and move fastly to your position. Use your control and calculation to stay away from their guns. Your character can power up and change outfits in the main menu. Collecting the diamonds by killing the enemies to unlock the skins. 

Squid Assassin will be a good game for you to show your skills. So, why don’t you click on the game? 

Features of Squid Assassin 

  • There are many cool outfits for your character
  • The game brings you a nervous and exciting feeling
  • The game isn’t complicated to play 

How to control

  • Click the mouse or touch the screen to move to the destination and kill the enemies.