About Fall Guys Sonic: Knockout Royale


Fall Guys Sonic: Knockout Royale is a royal sonic game including numerous exciting races. Overcome obstacles alongside other players to become the best player.

The number of participants in a competition can reach 30. Players will compete to find out who can be the first to conquer obstacles and dash to the finish line. Players must concentrate on racing and masterfully navigating their sonic characters to obstacles during the game to avoid losing. Of course, you can continue the race after you fall, but this is quite time-consuming. You have a better chance of moving on to the next round if the amount of time for you to finish the race is lesser and lesser.

The ultimate features of Fall Guys Sonic: Knockout Royale:

  • You can pick your preferred character from among a variety of lovely characters with various skins.
  • Up to 30 participants can take part in a contest to compete with one another.
  • The competition takes place over several rounds. A few players will be removed in each round until a winner is determined.
  • There are numerous maps that present you and other players with numerous difficulties.
  • Cute and vibrant character, appealing artwork, and exciting sound.

How to control

  • Control a virtual control in the left corner of the screen to move
  • Use the space bar to jump