About Sonic Exe


Are you ready to experience a terrifying adventure game named Sonic Exe? Your task is to control the green hedgehog over obstacles while collecting rings.

Adam Gavigan's Sonic Exe is an intriguing installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Join the game and turn into the green hedgehog Exetior in order to locate and remove the Sonic character. In the process of completing the quest, there are many things that will stop your footsteps such as monsters or deadly terrains. If you collide with monsters, your character will die. Besides, if you can't pass road obstructions such as lava, water, and spikes, the game is also over. To get to the end goal, collect rings and items along the way. These useful things will help your character avoid death when colliding with monsters or other obstacles. Therefore, let's collect as many rings as you can.

How to control

  • Use your left and right arrow keys to move back and forward.
  • Use a Down Arrow Key to sit down
  • Press a Z or X key to jump