About Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a popular fantastic arcade game with simple gameplay. In the game, your duty is to control a bird flying through as many water pipes as possible.

Welcome to the Flappy Bird game! As I previously stated, the goal of the game is to guide the adorable bird through the gap between water pipes. To fly, you must click on the screen. You can release the mouse if you want your bird to fall. It appears simple, but it is also quite challenging because you can be unsure of your exact position. You are having difficulty controlling the bird. If you fly too high, you may collide with the pipe and lose. If you release it, however, your bird will fall to the ground. This is said to be the reason why the game is over. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution in order to pass as many pipes as possible.

How to play

Click on the screen to play