About Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite is the latest installment in the well-known Geometry Dash series. Players must keep the cube under control to avoid colliding with obstacles.

If you've ever played one part in the Geometry Dash running series, start playing this game right now to gain new running game experiences. Geometry Dash Lite follows the same rules as other versions. In this game, you must navigate your game cube to avoid colliding with and overcoming obstacles. There are numerous types of barriers on the tracks. If your cube collides with one of them, the game is over as a consequence.

Some of the game's attractive features

  • This is the most recent installment in the Geometry Dash series.
  • There are several modes available for you to try. Play all modes to get the greatest experience.
  • Depending on your level in the game, you will encounter a variety of game characters.
  • A variety of challenges await you in the game.
  • Control is simple by using the arrow keys or tapping.