About Ragdoll Fall


Ragdoll Fall is an exciting arcade game. You must control a doll to get the highest score while avoiding dangerous obstacles and falling out of platforms.

Aim for the highest possible score in Ragdoll Fall, an endless arcade game in which you must jump on platforms to win points while avoiding saws in order to obtain the highest possible score.

Although the gameplay is straightforward, mastering it is a demanding task. Simply clicking or tapping on the screen will allow you to control your character as he jumps from one stage to the next. On platforms such as saws, you must, however, avoid potentially lethal hazards. If you come into contact with potentially hazardous objects or if you fall off the platform, you will lose. In terms of size, length, and proximity to one another, the platforms are all different. You can track your achievement after the match.

Features of Ragdoll Fall

  • Exciting game based on the running theme
  • Endless race with various platforms
  • Record your highest score

Release Date

  • Jul 21 2021

How to play


  • Use mouse

On Mobile

  • Tap to play