About Hole.io


Hole.io is an extremely intriguing game. In this game, you navigate a hole to eat everything all nearby items on the roads to expand the hole in size.

Your ultimate goal in this game is to collect everything and put it in your hole. You must contend with players from all around the world. You can consume them when your hole is larger than the others. Your speed decreases as your size increases. The game offers a variety of play modes, including traditional, battle royale, team, and solo runs. You also select a variety of maps with lovely designs and appealing backgrounds. by completing some missions, you can upgrade your hole in some aspects. Check the leaderboard in the right corner of the screen while playing the game to see where you stand.

You will become addicted to it after the first play because of its numerous intriguing features and stunning graphics. Click on the game to start it, then select the cool skin to beat the other players.


French studio Voodoo developed the arcade physics puzzle game Hole.io, which features battle royale gameplay.

Features of Hole.io

  • Beautiful graphics and great features
  • Eat all objects and other players’ holes by controlling the hole
  • Many modes to play
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

Swipe the mouse to control the hole