About Snowball.io


Snowball.io is an entertainment multiplayer game in which you control a running snowman and create a snowball to push other players off the platform.

When it comes to io or platform games, it's impossible not to mention the game Snowball.io. When you enter this game, let's give your character a name to easily track your playing progress. After that, you will be transferred to the playing platform with other players from all over the world. Your task now is to use the computer mouse to move your character around. As you move, you will collect snow around and form a snowball. Create a huge snowball, then use it to collide with others to knock them off the playing field. Remember that if your ball is smaller than your opponent's, the loser will probably be you. When playing, there will be some parts of the platform that will melt. Pay attention to it and stay away from it. If you like this game, you may like LOLBeans, Stumble Guys, and Hole.io. Great time with the games!