About Terraria


Join Terraria to enter a jungle adventure in which you will do everything to survive such as digging, fighting, exploring, building, etc. Have a great time!

Instruction to play

Imagine you are lost in a forest with no sign of people. You can't leave this forest like Robinson on a deserted island. You will have to build your own house, earn food, and grow crops to survive. Of course, this forest still has monsters and animals that are dangerous to you and the products you create. Fight them with your weapons. Each item in the forest has a certain benefit so you can collect them after defeating them. Don't forget to explore the forest to know more about it too. Make this unfamiliar forest your own territory.

Re-Logic is the developer of this action-adventure sandbox game. Despite being a 2011 release, the game has maintained its popularity up to this day. Male and female are the two genders that the player may control as representative characters. To make the main character seem more fashionable and match his personality, players may change his appearance, including his hairstyle and clothing. To control him or her, let's use WASD and conduct Left clicks to dig or place.