About Backrooms


Backrooms is a great horror game and become a stormy game recently. In the game, your objective is to find ways to escape from the horror abandoned building.

If you are a person who likes playing strong games or wants to practice your brave, do not hesitate to enter the game right now. Enter the Backrooms game, you control a game character who loses in a horror place. This is an abandoned building for a long time. Your task is to look for the door which can help you escape from this building. In order to complete this task, you must go through and explore every corner. During the progress of finding, you will occasionally some strange things or some useful items. They may be some hints helping to win the game or also the things making you a loser. Anyway, do not miss them. In addition, there maybe is a horror monster here. If you don't want to face the most terrifying monster, never stop running!

How to play

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Use arrow keys to move