About World's Hardest Game


World's Hardest Game is one of the world's most challenging games. In the game, you guide a square from its initial location to its final destination.

Overview of the game

Welcome to the hardest game on Earth called World's Hardest Game! This game will provide you with an unmatched level of difficulty and sometimes you will think it is a crazy game. However, you will also feel a feeling of victory if you win at any level in the game. There are a lot of levels and variations of this game like Stacky Dash 2, Cuphead, and Stumble Guys Unblocked. However, let's see if you can pass level 1 and advance to a more challenging level or not. Are you prepared to enter the world's most difficult game?

The game is created with an obstacle-filled surface on which the stones alternatively move. Your mission is to maneuver a square from its starting point through these stones to a secure area. In addition, these circular stones travel at exceedingly rapid rates. As a result, clashing with these stones is inevitable. Additionally, if your red square collides with these stones, it will be destroyed and the game will be finished. In contrast, you will advance to the next level when the red square arrives at its location without incident.