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About - Conquer The World

Description - Conquer The World is considered a strategic game in which the objective of players is to conquer countries and territories. Have a great time!

Instruction to play

Welcome to - Conquer The World! Have you ever had the ambition to one day conquer the whole world and own it? Come to this game and enjoy that journey. In this game, your task is to bring your troops to other colored territories to conquer them. To be successful, there are a few tips for you. First, pay attention to the numbers in your territory and the enemy. Those numbers represent the number of troops of the parties. You can conquer that territory if you have more troops than your opponent's. Gather troops from many different locations to conquer other territories. However, you also need to defend your territory during this journey because enemies can attack you when you go conquering other regions. Are you ready to be the king of the whole world? After conquering the world, let's try other games such as Tower Defense, Trap The Cat, and Nugget Royale.