About Nugget Royale


Nugget Royale is an exciting survival multiplayer game. In this game, players in the form of chickens will try to be the only one standing on the platform.

Overview of the game

In Nugget Royale, there is a giant crusher under an unstable platform. This platform will move irregularly and it will get smaller over time. 80 players will be teleported to this unstable area. The task of each player is to try not to be thrown out of the area and become the only survivor. If you are thrown out of this area, you will fall into the big crusher mentioned above. Of course, you will be eliminated from this round. After each round, a leaderboard will appear. It will show you about the score, the order position, the total time you live, and the number of times you win. Try to stand firmly on the platform and become the winner. If you enjoyed this game, you might also like Fall Guys Knockout, Snowball.io, and Stumble Guys Unblocked.