About Slash Royal


Slash Royale is a captivating action and survival game. Your goal is to find various weapons to murder other players in order to rise to the position of king.

Slash Royal is organizing a game of survival to find out the strongest person or the king in another way. You play a role of a stickman inhabitant and will compete against many other players in this survival tournament for this position. How to play the game is extremely simple and easy to understand. In a certain area with different-shaped cubes, there are many different weapons, from the primitive to the cutting-edge, from the ancient to the modern, such as swords, firearms, bombs, wood, and baseball bats. You must sprint and climb quickly to obtain the best weapons. As a result, you probably be able to defeat others. During the battle, you must make use of the surroundings to avoid the tough foes and wait for a chance to take them out. There are also arrows pointing in the direction of the positions of your rivals. You can use that hint to track them down and fight them. The winner will receive a golden crown and be declared king as a result of having eliminated the most opponents.

Features of Slash Royal:

  • Many players take part in the game
  • Great 3D graphics and engaging sound effects
  • Easy to control

How to play

To move, press the arrow keys or the computer mouse.