About Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is a thrilling jumping game in which you navigate Doodler so that he can jump higher and higher. Are you ready to take part in the game?

Instruction to play

Doodle Jump has extremely simple gameplay. When a player enters the game, he will encounter an image of a jumping Doodler. Let's click on Play to take part in the jumping journey. There are many platforms in the air. when the Doodle jump, your mission is to control him from platform to platform to reach higher and higher. It's necessary to remember that if you jump into the broken platform, you will fall down the air. When you fall down to the ground, it means you lose. Play over and over to find your highest score. The game is so interesting and if you like this game, you may like Snowball.io, Snake.io, and Rocket Bot Royale.

How to play

Use the arrow key to play