About Drunken Boxing


Drunken Boxing is one of the most interesting games from RHM Interactive. In the game, you take part in drunken battles and try to defeat your opponent.

Overview of Drunken Boxing

The game is designed with an interesting context when people who participate in the boxing battle are drunken boxers. In specific, when you play a role of a drunken boxer in this game, you participate a battle with another drunken boxer. You can play in the one-player mode or two-player mode. Let's give your opponent quick punches with strong power.

However, there is one thing you have to notice about your energy bar. If your energy bar runs out of energy, you have to wait a while in order for to it can recover. During the waiting time, it's highly likely that you will be vulnerable to your opponent's attacks. Therefore, remember to calculate your energy in your battle plan to be the champion. You are the winner of the battle if you get 5 points first in the game.

Game Controls

  • Player 1: use Arrow Keys
  • Player 2: Use W, A, S, D