About Dino Game


Come to Dino Game and join the endless run with the dinosaur. You control it to avoid obstacles on the way and develop itself as the biggest dinosaur.

It seems that almost everyone knows the game Dino Game also known as Dinosaur Game or Chrome Dino. This game was made using a Google-created browser that is incorporated into the Google Chrome web browser. However, like Dino Grass Island, it can be played on any smart device.

Your task in the Dino game is to control a small tyrant dinosaur in the shape of pixels moving in a horizontally scrolling space. In order for the dinosaur to move far and grow, you must help it jump and avoid obstacles on the way. Of course, your score will also increase if the dinosaur can move further and further away. Are you ready to help him on his way to becoming the ultimate tyrannosaur?

How to control

Click, tap, or space bar to play