About Dino Grass Island


Dino Grass Island is an entertaining arcade game in which the player controls a stickman to collect as much grass as possible to exchange for coins.

If you are looking for a game to eliminate your boring time, Dino Grass Island will be one of the perfect games for you. Your basic duty is to collect as much grass as you can. After collecting a large amount of grass, you can go to more original and unusual situations. You will have to work hard here to ensure that you can satisfy the standards. The more grass you collect, the more space you will have and maybe you are able to harvest more grass there. Once you've unlocked the Coins Cabin, you'll be able to exchange the grass for gold coins. Use this money to purchase pets. The more pets you have, the better your chances of success. Finally, if you want to experience some games more interesting, let's check out Crossy Road and LOLBeans.