About Crossy Road


Welcome to one of the most interesting arcade games of Hipster Whale named Crossy Road. In the game, your task is to avoid kinds of vehicles and collect coins.

In Crossy Road, the roads are always crowded with kinds of transportation. However, there are no traffic lights on these roads. Therefore, crossing the road is a very difficult problem because the possibility of traffic accidents is very high. Your task is to support the game character to cross these roads to return home by dodging traffic, hopping across logs, and sidestepping trains. Your mission will not be completed if your character is hit by a car. In addition, you may encounter coins during the crossing. Collect it to unlock new interesting characters. Are you ready to help our character safely come home? If you want to play something more exciting, check out Papa's Pizzeria and Icy Purple Head Super Slide.

How to control

Direct your character by using arrow keys.