About Stair Run Online 2


Stair Run Online 2 is a new volume of the Stair Run series. In this game, you also have to collect stairs to overcome obstacles while competing with enemies.

If you are a fan of the Stair Run series, this version will be ideal for you to experience and enjoy because of adding the new features as well as remaining the noticeable features of the previous volume.

In this running version, you will continue to run and gather stairs on your way to build a bridge when overcoming obstacles. You need to make sure that the bridge is enough high to avoid obstacles. Try to run as long as possible.

However, this game provides some new factors. The first one is power boosters. When you collect stairs, the power bar will be filled. Fill this bar to accelerate! Moreover, instead of playing alone, you will have an opponent to compete. Besides, you can select your favorite skins for your character.

Features of Stair Run Online 2

  • The new version of the Stair Run series
  • Receive speed boosters
  • Compete with other players

How to control

  • Click your mouse.