About Trap The Cat


Enter Trap The Cap to enjoy an interesting tactical game. In this game, your goal is to set up a trap for the cat so that the cat cannot escape.

Welcome to the Trap The Cat game! the game offers a cat and a board with ticked boxes. Your goal is to stop the cat from leaving the platform by creating a closed circle around the cat. Using strategy and dexterity is a necessary factor for success in this game. Stop the cat from running away! It is time to use your computer's mouse to stop the cat from escaping! Click on the circles to create a barrier for the cat. Every time you click on the panel, the cat will move in some manner. Catching a cat can be quite difficult because the cat moves without any rules.

Features of the game

  • Simple game but interesting
  • Guess the directions and make plans and strategies to trap the cat
  • The game offers one player. However, you can consult people
  • Simple and nice graphic
  • Easy to control

How to play

Click your computer mouse to play