About Getting Over Snow


Getting Over Snow is an entertaining game. Players will move with a hammer through snowy mountain terrain to save a trapped panda at the end of a level.

Getting Over Snow has interesting gameplay. There is a panda that is trapped in an iron cage at the top of a snow hill. Your duty is to rescue it. How you move is quite special you will use a hammer to move. On the way of rescuing, you will encounter some obstacles such as mud and thorns. If you fall down on the thorn area, the game will be over because you will fall down on the mountain. Besides, your hammer will have no usefulness in the mud area. Let's raise your hammer high and jump over them. Of course, other great things also have such as gemstones and birds. Collect all and get to the destination to give the panda freedom.

Features of the game

  • One player
  • Easy to control with the computer mouse
  • Interesting gameplay with the Christmas theme
  • The president Trump character
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