About Coffee Stack


Coffee Stack is a funny running game. Play this game now learn how to make perfect cups of coffee and try to avoid many obstacles on the way. Enjoy it!

Press a Start button to start working in the Coffee Shop. Firstly, let’s start out with a coffee cup. Control it to run on the conveyor and collect as many coffee cups as possible. Then, you can fill them with delicious coffee. Finally, decorate them with beautiful sleeves and sell them. Each cup is worth 1 dollar. The more cups of coffee you can make, the more money you can earn. Do your best to get as much money as possible. There are many dangerous obstacles like free hands, spikes, and buzzsaws on the way. Attempt to avoid them if you can. You will lose cups or the game is over if you uncarefully hit the obstacles. Good luck!

Features of Coffee Stack:

  • Easy control
  • Many obstacles and traps
  • Captivating graphics and relaxing music

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.