Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is a great click game to unwind and practice human patience and perseverance. Clicking the cookie cake on the screen is your task.

In this game, your ultimate goal is to create a livable dream city by yourself. To conduct this objective, your daily duty is to continuously click or tap the huge cookie cake on your screen to create many other small cakes. The number of cakes produced for you to spend on building materials for your city. The faster the click, the more gear. As a result, the speed of building speed your city is faster. 

This game can be played by every one of ages, gender, or characteristics. With enjoying the great graphics about an island in the air and interesting sound effects, this game is a perfect choice to relax and get fun moments when you are bored.

On the top of the screen, you will see some icons. Click on the house icon when you buy the buildings and to upgrade, click on the arrow icon. The cup icon is where you know what your city's achievement. Finally, to set up the game according to your wishes, click on the wheel icon.

How to play

Click or tap to play.