4 Colors Battle


4 Colors Battle is an extremely intriguing puzzle game. Your goal is to touch the screen in such a way that the color ball lands in the same-colored area.
Are both color and speed-sensitive to you? Come test your speed and ability in the 4 Colors Battle game, whether you are that kind of person or not. As I said earlier, the objective of the game is to manipulate the positions of the four colors using touches. Making it feasible for the falling ball to land in the area below that is the same color is the aim of this game.
Even though the gameplay is very straightforward, it is very challenging to win or achieve high scores in this game. The game is challenging because the rule of changing the position of these 4 colors is not included, necessitating incredibly quick color perception and hand speed. You must therefore determine the appropriate time and location for yourself. The higher the score you get, the harder the game will be. For instance, the density of the balls will increase and the falling speed of the ball will be faster. Nobody is good at this game at first, so don't worry if you're not very good. Everything requires some perseverance and practice.

Features of 4 Colors Battle:

  • The game is simple to understand and play
  • The increasing difficult game
  • Fun, interesting, addictive 
  • Playing on both Web Browsers and Mobile is available

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play this game.