About Balls Race


Balls Race is a fun arcade ball racing game. Players in this game control a rolling ball over dangerous terrain and compete with other balls for the top spot.

The goal of the game

You have signed up for a ball race. The rules of the Balls Race game are very simple. A race will have a number of participants. These participants will control their balls rolling on a narrow, dangerous, and full of obstacles. The player's ball to the finish line first will be the winner. On the track, there will be speed boosts that make your ball roll at a faster speed. You collect it to be able to roll faster than other balls and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Pay attention that if you hit an obstacle or roll off the track, you will lose.

Some interesting features

  • This game is designed with fun gameplay and is completely safe for all players.
  • More and more obstacles appear will make your path to becoming a champion more difficult.
  • Simple control with left and right arrow keys.