Battle Royale Noob vs Pro


Battle Royale Noob vs Pro is an exciting action and adventure battle game. As a character in this game, you will explore the terrain, pick up weapons along the way and fight enemies.

Welcome to Battle Royale Noob vs Pro - a battleground full of unexpected twists.

Instructions to play the game

At the beginning of the game, you can freely choose the area to explore as well as fights like Port, Beach, Town or Junkyard. Each area has its own unique topography. However, they all have in common that they are formidable opponents.

After choosing and entering in a battleground, there is a weapon storage area near your location. Go around and look for it. Stand near the weapon until a bar shows successfully retrieved the weapon, so you have a modern weapon. 

The next task is to take an adventurous journey in this area and battle against opponents or other players. Take advantage of the surrounding environment to hide from opponents' bullets. When you have a certain score and win, you can upgrade your character and weapon. 

What are you waiting for without entering this game and becoming at the top of the arena leaderboard?

Features of Battle Royale Noob vs Pro:

  • Cute and interesting lego characters
  • Interesting sound effects
  • Multiple players

How to control the character

  • Use the virtual joystick of the left screen or WASD to move 
  • Use the right virtual joystick to shoot