Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack is a fun 3D and super casual game. Players in this game will put in a lot of effort to construct homes in an effort to become real estate tycoon.

Have you ever fantasized about making it big in the real estate industry? Visit Crowd Lumberjack to get a feeling of that. People of all ages and genders can play this game to unwind while also developing their patience. You will labor diligently as a stickman to cut down trees and gather wood to build a house on an island. In addition, if you want to create amazing structures quickly, you need to increase the number of lumberjacks on your crowd squad. You can view several progress bars to see how many coins and wood you currently possess. From that, you can estimate when you can start construction on a home. After owning lovely homes, you can earn money by renting them to other people. However, If you build a house when you do not have enough wood, that house will not meet the quality standards to live in. Consequently, no one will rent your house. Anyway, you will eventually create a magnificent island. Additionally, after this island is finished being built, you can entirely expand the scope of development to another, even more magnificent island. In a flash, you'll be on your way to being a real estate magnate.

Features of Crowd Lumberjack:

  • It is easy to control with one-finger
  • Great graphics
  • Single-player
  • Build the city of your dreams to reap incredible benefits.

How to play

Use WASD or swipe across the screen to control.