About Demon Killer


Demon Killer is an action and shooting game developed by Inlogic Software. In this game, your mission is to shoot down all the moving skeletons.

Welcome to Demon Killer! In this game, you are trapped in a dark and dangerous place. Besides, you are being attacked by mobile skeletons with weapons. These mobile skeletons come from the dark. They run very fast and appear non-stop. The only thing you can do is hold the gun firmly in your hand and destroy them to survive as long as possible. The gun is quite a powerful weapon because it can help you destroy enemies from a distance. However, this gun can only hold seven bullets. After firing all 7 bullets, it will take you a little time to add bullets to the gun. This is also the biggest weakness. Therefore, your action must be quick.

On the other hand, you should not worry too much about it because you can completely upgrade your weapons in this game. Each time you defeat a moving skeleton, you will receive a certain amount of bonuses. When you have a certain amount of money, you can buy a weapon with more damage or improve your defense. Are you ready to join?

Features of the game

  • There are 5 weapons and 5 demons types
  • Levels and Endless mode
  • Weapon upgrades

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play