Dogod.io is a fun animal io game in which you will control the cute yellow dog character with its weapon with the duty of the dog's weapon evolution.

Welcome to Dogod.io - a world of cute dogs! 

As I mentioned earlier, the goal of this game is to make your dog's weapon better and better. In order to complete the goal, you have to eat to have a strong body and defeat other dog characters to upgrade the weapon. 

Instruction to play:

The first step you have to do to play this game is to create your dog's character such as its appearance and name. After having a dog, you start the game immediately. There is no time for you to prepare before your opponents. Sweet food and other dogs are around you. Let's eat that sweet food to always have good health and defeat other dogs with your weapons to get score. The best way to win against antagonists is to stab them in the back. You also need to be careful, especially your behind because other players are real people from all over the world and they always have the strategies to play. The more you kill, the stronger your weapon will be.

There is a bar showing the number of points at the top of the screen. This score is calculated according to the number of dog characters you defeat. In addition, in the left corner of the screen, there is a table of the best players. You can compare your score with the best player there.


  • Move the computer mouse to move the dog.
  • Hold the left mouse button to boost the dog moving faster.