About Drift 3


Get ready to participate in the thrilling car race in Drift 3. Drive your car to compete with other players worldwide and perform impressive drifts.

This game offers you a chance to join a competitive car race. In this race, you must steer your car to go around many tricky corners. Watch out! The racetrack is fairly narrow, so you need to be careful. Try not to fall off the track if you don’t want to lose soon. Moreover, your opponents can push you out of the racetrack at any time. Therefore, you should attempt to avoid them if you can. Another way is to push their car out of the track before they do that with you. Attempt to eliminate all rivals from the race as quickly as possible. Do your best to survive until the end of the race to get a victory.

Reasons you should try Drift 3

Nice 3D visuals and catchy music

Featuring beautiful 3D graphics and energetic music, the game will bring you an interesting playing experience. The satisfying graphics won’t hurt your eyes after playing for hours. Additionally, energetic music will boost your mood while playing

Various cool cars

There is a total of eight available cars in this game. Each car features a different design and color. Moreover, all of them are free. Therefore, you can choose your favorite car at the start of the game.

How to control

Press or release the left mouse button to control your vehicle's direction.