About Drive Dead 3D


Get ready to participate in the Drive Dead 3D game to enjoy one of the most interesting car battles. Show your skills in controlling cars and destroying others.

Car battles in Drive Dead 3D

In this game, you will drive a car and take part in deadly car battles. In specific, you control your car to collide with the other car until one of the two cars explodes. Car battles will be organized in many different arenas with different difficulty levels. After many battles, whoever gets the higher score will be the winner. Of course, there will be a big reward for the champion. Are you confident in your ability to be the winner? Show us!

How to control

The game is so interesting because it provides two modes including one-player mode and two-player mode. When you play in the one-player mode, you use the right and left arrow keys to move the car. Besides, in the two-player mode, the second character will be controlled by using the A and D keys.