About Fall Beans


Fall Beans is a superb running arcade game in which you can experience adventures with cute beans to join exciting races and reach the finish line first.

Are you a fan of the Falling Beans series? Now, you can experience a new volume of this game series, named Fall Beans. Like other versions of this series, Fall Beans is also a 3D running game where beans participate in multiplayer races. Your mission is to control your bean character to finish races while avoiding or overcoming all obstacles, traps, and dangers. At first, you will take part in races with 30 other players. After each race, players reaching the finish line late will be out. This way continues until finding a winner.

The gameplay is exciting and fun. Besides that, this game features eye-catching graphics, great effects, and various challenges. It will bring one of the greatest experiences. Enjoy!

Features of Fall Beans

  • Exciting and competitive gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics, great effects, and various challenges
  • Multiplayer races

Release Date

  • Mar 08, 2021

How to play

On PC:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space key to jump

On Mobile:

  • Use on screen controllers to control