Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout

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About Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout


Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout is an exciting 3D running action game in which you have to control your bean to complete your race before your opponents.

Welcome to the world of Falling Beans, a famous running racing game! Have you ever tried your hand at this game? If not, you should, especially the new version. Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout is a conventional 3D third-person running and racing action game with a strong emphasis on strategy. You will only be able to complete the current level if you are one of three first people reaching the finish line. You have to overcome various obstacles, traps, dangers, and even other players. Note that jumping at the appropriate time can provide you with an advantage on triggered obstacle barriers!

There are a variety of different skins available in the store that you may unlock and employ. Besides that, this game also includes various maps where you can experience superb races. Enjoy!

Features of Falling Beans Ultimate Knockout

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Various levels with many different maps
  • Colorful graphics

Release Date

  • Feb 10, 2022

How to play

On PC:

  • WASD - move
  • Mouse - control directions

On Mobile:

  • Buttons