Farm Run!


Farm Run! is an amusing running game where you have to compete with thirty others to finish the track as fast as possible and get to the next level.

This race is more interesting when the people involved are cute pets. Initially, you will receive 100 gold coins to be able to choose your favorite character. There are many pet characters with a variety of designs and colors. The track is not fixed, it changes the scene through each level. You must control your pet to overcome the difficult challenge of the game and overcome all opponents to become the winner. Each level has different struggles and obstacles. They are divided into many types of tracks that create the thrill of the game. On the track, collect a number of gold coins to have more options for your character. The track is quite crowded, thirty players can be random or you can invite your family and friends to join the game to try out the track and obstacle categories.

Let's become the most intimidating competitors in this race who put the greatest pressure on the other participants. Can you win the race? Whether your speed and tactic will enable you to win the race and develop into the strongest person on the track.

Features of Farm Run!: 

  • Multiplayer
  • There are many levels to try.
  • Eye-catching graphics and lively sound attract players.
  • Customize the character you want.

How to play: 

Use the arrow keys or “WASD” keys to move 

Use the Space key to jump.