About Football Legends


Football topic is always a hot topic for everyone. Football Legends game allows everyone to participate in amazing football matches at World Cup.

If you are a fan of sports games like Basket Random or Basketball Beans, you definitely cannot ignore this Football Legends football game. There are three game types available in the game: 1 Player, 2 Player, and Quick Match. If you play alone, pick the 1 Player option to battle with the computer player or the Quick Match mode to face other players from all around the globe. If you want to engage in combat with your pals, choose the 2-Player option. No matter the game mode you choose, the objective of the game is to control the character to kick the ball as many times as possible into the opponent's goal to score as many points as possible. Win by accumulating more points than your opponents.

Features of the game

  • This game belongs to the football genre which is always interested.
  • Multiple modes for people to choose from.
  • Great graphics and full-screen mode are available.