About Frisbee Forever 2


Frisbee Forever 2 is a great entertaining game for everyone. You will control the direction of the disc to collect stars and go through the circles.

Maybe you are too familiar with the game Frisbee. However, now you can stay at home and play this game only with Frisbee Forever 2. You will maneuver your disc skillfully so that it can collect stars and fly through as many circles as possible. The speed of the disc will get faster and faster. When playing this game, you will have the feeling of experiencing a roller coaster ride. Enjoy that feeling of high speed while enjoying erupting volcanoes, majestic snow bag peaks, or rivers.

The farther your disc flies, the more points you get. Try your best to get the highest score. In addition, you can completely use your points to expand your unique disc collection. The game is relatively simple but highly challenging because it requires quick reactions from players.

Features of the game:

  • One player
  • Entertaining and addictive game
  • Extremely attractive graphics
  • Over 75 creative and individually designed tracks throughout three brand-new worlds

How to play

Use the computer mouse or arrow keys to direct.