About Fruit War


Fruit War is a fun running multiplayer game in which you have to control your fruit to run and overcome all obstacles and opponents to gain victory.

Do you like fruit? Now, colorful fruits are provided in an exciting running game, named Fruit War. As the game name mentions, this game is a fruit battle where you have to control your character to avoid obstacles and overcome other players. Reach the finish line first to proceed to the next level!

The mechanics are simple and easy to control. You only have to drag to guide cute fruits to run. Besides that, you can experience various levels with many different maps and challenges. On both sides of the road, countless other fruits are cheering you on. Please cherish this cheer and do your best to win. Good luck!

Features of Fruit War

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Simple mechanics and easy to control
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects
  • Various levels
  • Multiplayer

Release Date

  • Mar 22, 2022

How to play

  • Hold and drag to control character.